RPELA– Shark Deterrent Device

Rpela ‘s vision is to provide the world’s leading shark deterrent solution which will ensure a safe future for any surfers, allowing people to surf without fear and harmoniously co-exist with sharks.

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The shark deterrent device designed by surfers for surfers. Not your usual diving device that is too bulky or spends half the time out of the water! RPELA’s shark deterrent is lightweight and integrated into your board. It’s on and protecting you as soon as your board hits the water.


Rpela is the device every Surfer needs to assist in reducing the risk of shark attack.

Easily installed into your new or existing board Its light weight, around 155 grams Has A battery time of 6 hours and a fast recharge time of 4 hours by ac wall charger or 12-volt car charger.

Continuous protection from the moment the 2 electrodes in the board touch the water giving you peace of mind while sitting paddling and most importantly surfing

The unique difference between RPELA shark repellent and other products available on the market is it is inbuilt to the contours of your board. It is so lightweight and compact that it has no effect on the performance of the board. RPELA is 100 % active from the moment the 2 electrodes come in contact with the sea water Eliminating that feeling of have I turned it on or not!!!

The electric current generated by RPELA' s electronic shark repellent system affect the Ampullae of Lorenzini found in the nose area of sharks making it extremely unpleasant to be around. Extensive testing has been carried out with predatory sharks with outstanding results.

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