Q)  How much does a RPELA shark deterrent device cost?  

 A)  The complete RPELA kit is $449.00.  

This kits comes with everything you need.  Includes housing, unit and universal charger.


Q)  Can I purchase extra housing for all my boards ?

A)   Definitely!

Most of our customers have 2 or more boards so the simple solution is to purchase extra housing and sub kits and have them installed into all your boards.  The master unit is simple to remove from housing to housing and the white sub unit is fitted in the cavity for times when RPELA is not needed. Eliminates the need for multiply Unit purchases.

Q)  Can I install the RPELA housing into my boards myself?

A)  We highly recommend using one of the installers listed on the website to have the RPELA housing installed,

 Should you have a shaper or repairer that you use and they are not on our list  Send us an email and we can get in touch with them in regards to installation techniques and added them to our ever expanding list of installers   We are more than happy to answer any question you may have

Q)  Can I get replacement parts for my RPELA if I loose something or my board is damaged?

A)  We have replacements for everything .

From the RPELA unit itself to the sub unit, housing and front electrodes to the charger   Check out the shop and if its not there drop us an email and we will get it sorted for you . We want you out in the water as quickly as possible.

Q)  Will RPELA affect the performance of my board?

RPELA is designed by surfers for surfers so we understand how important weight and performance of a board is.   The housing is designed to fit flush into the contours of your board and will make minimal difference to the weight of your board  Infact some people add more weight to there boards with the amount of wax they use.  The sub unit also allows you to sure without the active main unit in when not needed by filling the void in the housing.


Feel free to email us any of your questions that are not addressed above
— Dave Smith

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