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Complete Rpela Kit

We ship globally Everything you need to get back out in the line up with piece of mind. Includes unit, housing, sub and charger with international adaptor plugs

If you have any questions please check the FAQ page and if your questions were not answered there drop us an email or message us on Instagram. 

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Housing and Sub
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Housing and Sub

The housing and Sub allows you to add the Rpela device to extra boards in your Quiver easily installed

If you have any questions please check the FAQ page and if your questions were not answered there drop us an email or message us on Instagram. 

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Our Testing Programs


Our independent scientific testing has recently been conducted of  the Coast of Esperance in Australia, under the supervision of world renowned Shark Scientist OCEAN RAMSEY with Data analysed by Australian and International independent scientists.


Q)  How much does a RPELA shark deterrent device cost?  

 A)  The complete RPELA kit is $449.00.  

This kits comes with everything you need.  Includes housing, unit and universal charger.


Q)  Can I install the RPELA housing into my boards myself?

A)  We highly recommend using one of the installers listed on the website to have the RPELA housing installed,

 Should you have a shaper or repairer that you use and they are not on our list  Send us an email and we can get in touch with them in regards to installation techniques and added them to our ever expanding list of installers   We are more than happy to answer any question you may have

Q)  Can I purchase extra housing for all my boards ?

A)   Definitely!

Most of our customers have 2 or more boards so the simple solution is to purchase extra housing and sub kits and have them installed into all your boards.  The master unit is simple to remove from housing to housing and the white sub unit is fitted in the cavity for times when RPELA is not needed. Eliminates the need for multiply Unit purchases.


Q)  Can I get replacement parts for my RPELA if I loose something or my board is damaged?

A)  We have replacements for everything .

From the RPELA unit itself to the sub unit, housing and front electrodes to the charger   Check out the shop and if its not there drop us an email and we will get it sorted for you . We want you out in the water as quickly as possible.


Our Impact

RPELA– Shark Deterrent Device

Rpela ‘s vision is to provide the world’s leading shark deterrent solution which will ensure a safe future for any surfers, allowing people to surf without fear and harmoniously co-exist with sharks.

The shark deterrent device designed by surfers for surfers. Not your usual diving device that is too bulky or spends half the time out of the water! RPELA’s shark deterrent is lightweight and integrated into your board. It’s on and protecting you as soon as your board hits the water.


Every Device is tested 

Rpela is the device every Surfer needs to assist in reducing the risk of shark attack.

Easily installed into your new or existing board Its light weight, around 155 grams Has A battery time of 6 hours and a fast recharge time of 4 hours by ac wall charger or 12-volt car charger.



5 years in development

Continuous protection from the moment the 2 electrodes in the board touch the water giving you peace of mind while sitting paddling and most importantly surfing


Our dIfference

The unique difference between RPELA shark repellent and other products available on the market is it is inbuilt to the contours of your board. It is so lightweight and compact that it has no effect on the performance of the board. RPELA is 100 % active from the moment the 2 electrodes come in contact with the sea water Eliminating that feeling of have I turned it on or not!!!



October 2017

Rod Pallister · 

Love it, i have had the original Surfsafe in for years and recently had two boards fitted with the new Rpela system. To say I'm stoked is an understatement. 

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RPELA is the FIRST  independently tried and tested  purpose built surfboard shark deterrent available on the market   Its designed by surfers who still surf, for surfers.   Its not a product modified to fit a surfboard . Its designed to give you peace of mind whilst working with the design of your board . Your safety and the performance of  board is never compromised

Sharks use certain vibrations to detect prey. We have designed RPELA to not attract sharks from long or close range. After over 1000 devices have been sold on the world market we are happy to confirm not one of our users has had any encounters or approaches with predatory sharks or sharks of any  description.


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