Shark Deterrent Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of RPELA by Surfsafe Inbuilt Shark deterrent. We ask you take the time to familiarise yourself with the running and maintenance of your unit.


Shark Deterrent User Instructions and Maintenance

All new RPELA shark deterrent units come with minimal battery charge therefore must be fully charged before first use. This should take approximately two to three hours and should only be done with the charger provided.

  1. A blue light will appear when unit is charging.
  2. Charger is safe to leave plugged in after unit is fully charged. Blue light will go off once unit is fully charged .
  3. Approximate battery run time is 8 hours. So if you had a four hour surf in the morning followed by a three hour surf in the afternoon you would have approximately 1hours life left in the battery.
  4. RPELA shark deterrent ‘s electrical field is produced from two electrodes located on the underside of the board approximately one metre apart. These are easily identified by stickers on the board. Familiarise yourself with these locations as they are used in self tests.
  5. To confirm the RPELA shark deterrent device is active, the following self tests can be performed:
  6. Flip your board over in the water to confirm green light is flashing which indicates unit is fully operational. Wave your hand under the front electrode located on the underside of the board. A strong pulse should be felt.
  7. If either of these are not happening your unit is not working correctly:
  8. If a red light appears while green light is flashing, unit has less than one hour running time left.
  9. To activate the RPELA shark deterrent, the board must be submerged in seawater with both electrodes facedown at all times.
  10. RPELA shark deterrents are designed for maximum operation in seawater only, due to the salt content assisting in the electrical field output. Do not use in enclosed water ways or swimming pools.
  11. Do not charge your RPELA shark deterrent until required. Constant charging of the unit for small amounts will damage the life of the battery inside the unit.
  12. Do not use RPELA shark deterrent for longer than five months without charging.
  13. Do not expose the RPELA shark deterrent to excessive heat (e.g. locking boards in hot cars or board covers on tops of cars). Also do not leave board and unit exposed to direct sunlight on hot beaches.
  14. After use and before storage please wash electrodes with fresh water and dry before packing inside board bags, etc. Moisture on the electrodes will activate unit, also check moisture in board bags.


Due to the nature of the electronic current generated by the RPELA shark deterrent, it is advised that people with the below  conditions refrain from using this device:


  • Please check with your GP if you have any concerns before using RPELA or if you are suffering from Heart Disease, heart Problems, a history of stroke, fainting, epilepsy or pregnancy.
  • Sharks are wild animals and therefore unpredictable in their behaviour. Although extensive testing has been carried out, REPLA  gives no guarantee against shark attacks. The unit is a deterrent only. It also has limited effect on bottom dwelling and non-predatory sharks due to the limited or non-active ampullae of Lorenzini found in these sharks (Wobbygong, Port Jackson etc).
  • Extreme caution and care must be exercised by users at all times. Please refer to Terms and Conditions at all times.

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