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What makes RPELA The #1 Surf Repellent Technology on The Market?


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A Surfsafe fitted to my board was the only way I could entered the water after my attack from a Great White Shark. It gave me the mental advantage to overcome my fear and once again enjoy surfing With the new RPELA transferrable unit I can now have this feeling with every board .

Dale Port Macquarie AustraliaGreat White Shark Attack Survivor

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Living and surfing in Reunion Island we are faced with the fear of shark attack on a daily basis. Authorities have tried to ban surfing in my country Having RPELA in my boards give me the confidence to paddle out knowing I am doing everything I can to protect myself from attack Being a transferrable system means I’m protected not matter what the conditions as all my boards have the housing . My girlfriend was the one who insisted I get RPELA and now she is the one encouraging me to surf everyday so it makes everyone happy!!!

Johann St Gilles Reunion IslandSurfer

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It’s my responsibility as a parent to protect my children and encourage them to pursue their passions. RPELA does this and so much more. Its no different than putting on a seatbelt in a car or wearing a helmet when they ride a bike . RPELA is the piece of safety equipment every surfer deserves. Its given me back my peace of mind while the kids are out in the water and its given them back the confidence to chase that elusive perfect wave without fear. No one in my family surfs without a RPELA and neither should yours

Sue Byron Bay AustraliaMother

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After a spate of sharks attacks in our local area in mid 2015, my wife and I had Surfsafes installed in our favourite boards. It gives us great piece of mind knowing the deterrents are working for us. We certainly wouldn’t be surfing as much as we do if it wasn’t for our Surfsafes.
The new RPELA , with its board to board transferrable technology , is a great Aussie Innovation . Now you can feel confidentpaddling out in any situation. From just sliding a log to hell-man charging double overhead. 

Matt Lennox Head AustraliaSurfer