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Western Australia

Katana Surf ā€“ Osborne Park- HQ

Katana Surfboards, located in Perth, Western Australia make custom epoxy surfboards that truly rip. Also available are SLSC approved paddle and nipper boards. They also make custom epoxy knee, sail and waveski boards plus the ever reliable PU surfboards.

Technical Skills

  • Are able to install within 3-5days
  • Long / Short Boards
  • Preferred supplier

8/15 Carbon Court, Osborne Park WA 6017 E: P:  0417540213

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Todd Morley Retro Fits ā€“ Bunbury /  Margret river / Yallingup

Todd is fully trained in all areas of retro fitting RPELA units in your boards   Fast , efficient and a real nice guy, Todd will get you sorted and in the water fast. Give him a call and book a time

P: 0408 457 682 anytime

P: 0408 457 682 anytime




New South Wales


Blacksheep Board Co ā€“ Currumbin , QLD

Blacksheep Board Co is located in the Currumbin area, Queensland.

TBA , QLD P: 0415 196 443 W: TBA

KMD Surfboards ā€“ Currumbin , QLD

Give Ryan a call for all your surfboard needs.

1/24 Commercial Road, Maroochydore, QLD E: P: 0411 389 925

Boards By Bart ā€“ Maroochydore Sunshine Coast, QLD

Give Bart a call for all your surfboard needs

1/24 Commercial Road, Maroochydore, QLD E: P: 


South Australia

The Ding King ā€“ Hackman, SA

The Ding King is located in Hackman South Australia. The Ding King factory houses a collaborative of South Australian surfboard shapers, glassers, artists and sanders.

Units 7 / 8 9 Chapman Road Hackman SA 5163 E: P: 0422443789


Albatross Surfboards ā€“ Port Lincoln, SA

Get along and see Geoff White at Albatross Surfboards for all your surfing needs.

Box 1601 8 Bay View Road Port Lincoln SA 5606 P: 08 868 24806 or 0429 828806

Albatross Surfboards ā€“ Port Lincoln, SA

Get along and see Geoff White at Albatross Surfboards for all your surfing needs.

Box 1601 8 Bay View Road Port Lincoln SA 5606 P: 08 868 24806 Or 



Jeremy Buis Surfboards ā€“ Dunedin, NZ

Jeremy Buis Surfboards is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. Jeremy offers a top rate surfboard repair service and has been in the industry for the last 18+ years.

27 Skibo Street, Dunedin New Zealand E: P: 021 349 364


Mickey Rat Surf Creations ā€“ Reunion Island

Mickey Rat Surf Creations is located in Reunion Island and was founded in 1987.

24 Rue Barrelier, St Leu 97436 Reunion Island E: P: 262 262 347 900


Karv Surfboards ā€“ Reunion Island

Karv Surfboards is located in Reunion Island

Tristan Blasin, 51 Rue Du General Lambert, Saint Leu 97436. La Reunion E: P: 0692 28 39 28






RPELAā€“ Shark Deterrent Device

Rpela ā€˜s vision is to provide the worldā€™s leading shark deterrent solution which will ensure a safe future for any surfers, allowing people to surf without fear and harmoniously co-exist with sharks.

product front pic.jpg

The shark deterrent device designed by surfers for surfers. Not your usual diving device that is too bulky or spends half the time out of the water! RPELAā€™s shark deterrent is lightweight and integrated into your board. Itā€™s on and protecting you as soon as your board hits the water.


Rpela is the device every Surfer needs to assist in reducing the risk of shark attack.

Easily installed into your new or existing board Its light weight, around 155 grams Has A battery time of 6 hours and a fast recharge time of 4 hours by ac wall charger or 12-volt car charger.

Continuous protection from the moment the 2 electrodes in the board touch the water giving you peace of mind while sitting paddling and most importantly surfing

The unique difference between RPELA shark repellent and other products available on the market is it is inbuilt to the contours of your board. It is so lightweight and compact that it has no effect on the performance of the board. RPELA is 100 % active from the moment the 2 electrodes come in contact with the sea water Eliminating that feeling of have I turned it on or not!!!

The electric current generated by RPELA' s electronic shark repellent system affect the Ampullae of Lorenzini found in the nose area of sharks making it extremely unpleasant to be around. Extensive testing has been carried out with predatory sharks with outstanding results.

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Q)  How much does a RPELA shark deterrent device cost?  

 A)  The complete RPELA kit is $449.00.  

This kits comes with everything you need.  Includes housing, unit and universal charger.


Q)  Can I purchase extra housing for all my boards ?

A)   Definitely!

Most of our customers have 2 or more boards so the simple solution is to purchase extra housing and sub kits and have them installed into all your boards.  The master unit is simple to remove from housing to housing and the white sub unit is fitted in the cavity for times when RPELA is not needed. Eliminates the need for multiply Unit purchases.

Q)  Can I install the RPELA housing into my boards myself?

A)  We highly recommend using one of the installers listed on the website to have the RPELA housing installed,

 Should you have a shaper or repairer that you use and they are not on our list  Send us an email and we can get in touch with them in regards to installation techniques and added them to our ever expanding list of installers   We are more than happy to answer any question you may have

Q)  Can I get replacement parts for my RPELA if I loose something or my board is damaged?

A)  We have replacements for everything .

From the RPELA unit itself to the sub unit, housing and front electrodes to the charger   Check out the shop and if its not there drop us an email and we will get it sorted for you . We want you out in the water as quickly as possible.

Q)  Will RPELA affect the performance of my board?

RPELA is designed by surfers for surfers so we understand how important weight and performance of a board is.   The housing is designed to fit flush into the contours of your board and will make minimal difference to the weight of your board  Infact some people add more weight to there boards with the amount of wax they use.  The sub unit also allows you to sure without the active main unit in when not needed by filling the void in the housing.


If Your Questions are not covered above drop us an email and we will send you the answer . .. Dave Smith

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Shark Deterrent Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of RPELA by Surfsafe Inbuilt Shark deterrent. We ask you take the time to familiarise yourself with the running and maintenance of your unit.


Shark Deterrent User Instructions and Maintenance

All new RPELA shark deterrent units come with minimal battery charge therefore must be fully charged before first use. This should take approximately two to three hours and should only be done with the charger provided.

  1. A blue light will appear when unit is charging.
  2. Charger is safe to leave plugged in after unit is fully charged. Blue light will go off once unit is fully charged .
  3. Approximate battery run time is 8 hours. So if you had a four hour surf in the morning followed by a three hour surf in the afternoon you would have approximately 1hours life left in the battery.
  4. RPELA shark deterrent ā€˜s electrical field is produced from two electrodes located on the underside of the board approximately one metre apart. These are easily identified by stickers on the board. Familiarise yourself with these locations as they are used in self tests.
  5. To confirm the RPELA shark deterrent device is active, the following self tests can be performed:
  6. Flip your board over in the water to confirm green light is flashing which indicates unit is fully operational. Wave your hand under the front electrode located on the underside of the board. A strong pulse should be felt.
  7. If either of these are not happening your unit is not working correctly:
  8. If a red light appears while green light is flashing, unit has less than one hour running time left.
  9. To activate the RPELA shark deterrent, the board must be submerged in seawater with both electrodes facedown at all times.
  10. RPELA shark deterrents are designed for maximum operation in seawater only, due to the salt content assisting in the electrical field output. Do not use in enclosed water ways or swimming pools.
  11. Do not charge your RPELA shark deterrent until required. Constant charging of the unit for small amounts will damage the life of the battery inside the unit.
  12. Do not use RPELA shark deterrent for longer than five months without charging.
  13. Do not expose the RPELA shark deterrent to excessive heat (e.g. locking boards in hot cars or board covers on tops of cars). Also do not leave board and unit exposed to direct sunlight on hot beaches.
  14. After use and before storage please wash electrodes with fresh water and dry before packing inside board bags, etc. Moisture on the electrodes will activate unit, also check moisture in board bags.


Due to the nature of the electronic current generated by the RPELA shark deterrent, it is advised that people with the below  conditions refrain from using this device:


  • Please check with your GP if you have any concerns before using RPELA or if you are suffering from Heart Disease, heart Problems, a history of stroke, fainting, epilepsy or pregnancy.
  • Sharks are wild animals and therefore unpredictable in their behaviour. Although extensive testing has been carried out, REPLA  gives no guarantee against shark attacks. The unit is a deterrent only. It also has limited effect on bottom dwelling and non-predatory sharks due to the limited or non-active ampullae of Lorenzini found in these sharks (Wobbygong, Port Jackson etc).
  • Extreme caution and care must be exercised by users at all times. Please refer to Terms and Conditions at all times.

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To ensure your Rpela unit is covered by our warranty terms and conditions and your up to date with all thats happening at can you please fill out the form below ; 



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What makes RPELA The #1 Surf Repellent Technology on The Market?


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.18.29.png

A Surfsafe fitted to my board was the only way I could entered the water after my attack from a Great White Shark. It gave me the mental advantage to overcome my fear and once again enjoy surfing With the new RPELA transferrable unit I can now have this feeling with every board .

Dale Port Macquarie AustraliaGreat White Shark Attack Survivor

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.18.35.png

Living and surfing in Reunion Island we are faced with the fear of shark attack on a daily basis. Authorities have tried to ban surfing in my country Having RPELA in my boards give me the confidence to paddle out knowing I am doing everything I can to protect myself from attack Being a transferrable system means Iā€™m protected not matter what the conditions as all my boards have the housing . My girlfriend was the one who insisted I get RPELA and now she is the one encouraging me to surf everyday so it makes everyone happy!!!

Johann St Gilles Reunion IslandSurfer

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.18.41.png

Itā€™s my responsibility as a parent to protect my children and encourage them to pursue their passions. RPELA does this and so much more. Its no different than putting on a seatbelt in a car or wearing a helmet when they ride a bike . RPELA is the piece of safety equipment every surfer deserves. Its given me back my peace of mind while the kids are out in the water and its given them back the confidence to chase that elusive perfect wave without fear. No one in my family surfs without a RPELA and neither should yours

Sue Byron Bay AustraliaMother

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.18.50.png

After a spate of sharks attacks in our local area in mid 2015, my wife and I had Surfsafes installed in our favourite boards. It gives us great piece of mind knowing the deterrents are working for us. We certainly wouldnā€™t be surfing as much as we do if it wasnā€™t for our Surfsafes.
The new RPELA , with its board to board transferrable technology , is a great Aussie Innovation . Now you can feel confidentpaddling out in any situation. From just sliding a log to hell-man charging double overhead. 

Matt Lennox Head AustraliaSurfer

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.41.13 PM.png

Steps To Installation for boards 6ft ā€“ 6ā€™8ft  Adjustments must be made for boards under and over these lengths

  1. Measure  900 mm from the housing  to the front plug
  2. Must be placed in the flattest part of the board
  3. Housing be installed near fins on rear of board
  4. Using the hole saw bore a hole 15mm deep for the front plug
  5. Using the RPELA TEMPLATE and TRIMER cut a hole deep enough to place the housing totally flat with glass
  6. Using a scraper or pop stick  make a grove 3mm deep alone the stringer
  7. Push the wire into the groove below glass depth
  8. Using epoxy or polyester resin, coat all recessed foam.
  9. Place the front plug and housing into the recess and place weights on both until resin sets
  10. Place glassing sticker on both housing and front plug
  11. Glass over using laminating coat
  12. After filler coat sand flush
  13. Remove glassing stickers and clear dust from housing
  14. Check the sub fits in the housing and sits flush
  15. Replace the glassing sticker on front electrode with eye sticker provided. This must be used to stop current travelling straight to rails.
  16. Check that the front electrode screw has not been covered with resin brass must be in full contact with water to be operational.

While we at RPELA currently sell templates and bearings for installation, we strongly recommend using one of our approved installers proved installers.


    What Tools You Need

    • 1 x Drill
    • 1 x Trimer
    • FCS Hole saw
    • Future 3/4 One pass cutter
    • Epoxy / Poly Resin
    • Fibreglass 4oz cloth
    • Sander and sand paper
    • tape measure
    • scrapper


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